1. Sale and brokerage of PRE, Lusitanian and Andalusian
  2. Own horses for sale at Finca Santa María advice not binding in German, Spanish and English
  3. We will look for your horse  dreams together with you. Thanks to our contacts with breeders and points of sale in the area, we can offer you a great selection Organization of AKU, castration and transport.
  4. Riding young horses and training up to high lessons Courses and lessons of work riding, dressage and manual work (Spanish step, compliment, piaffe, lying) on ​​the farm or in Germany







Are you looking for a Horse?

Horses Del Cid

We are a young German-Spanish team, which shares the passion for horses. Together we help you to find the horse of your dreams.

our best


victor team horsesdelcid

Victor Richarte

Together with his first Pacheco horse, Victor learned all the lessons of high school. From then on it was clear to him: “I want to work with horses.” He trained for two years at the “Córdoba Equestrian” and technical school 2 in Granada. Later Victor worked in several stables in Almeria and Malaga as a preparer. He trained from young horses to St. George and learned from great teachers. There he also rode regularly high-level tournaments.

laura team horsesdelcid

Laura Forster

In 2018 Laura did an internship abroad in a famous dressage stable in Malaga and fell in love with Spanish horses and the country. There she met Victor and they had the same idea: work together according to these wonderful animals. Laura is an avid photographer of amateur horses. He is responsible for social networks and the sale of horses.

pablo team horsesdelcid

Pablo Cremades

Pablo is responsible for our horses in Spain. He has been riding for many years and has a lot of experience with Iberian horses. He worked in a Hipic club as a riding instructor for children and adults. Today, however, it has a pet store and takes care of the horses at Finca Santa María. He is the good soul of the team and always in a good mood.

What do our customers say


Un equipo muy agradable. Te hacen sentir muy cómodo en todo momento y el trato que te dan es espectacular. Llegas a sentir pena cuando terminas el proyecto con ellos. Un saludo.

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